Decorative Pieces

From classic modern to fun and playful there’s something for everyone.

Ideal for both modern and traditional interiors, the Antic Vases and Antic Display Plates are finished in rich organic glazes giving luxurious texture and color to these pieces.

New CB vases a homage to Constantin Brancusi hand constructed from white stoneware triangles and glazed with a matt white glaze. The pieces are now be sold at the Noguchi Museum gift shop.

With an opening that tapers outward, the Lilas Vase is perfect for small or large flower bouquets. Glazed in black or white, this thoroughly modern vase will enhance the beauty of bouquets and fit in any room.

Designed for single buds or small bouquets, the fanciful Mushroom Vases and Flower Bud Vases look wonderful grouped in multiples or together. This fun, decorative setting looks even better when paired with field-picked wildflowers.

The Sunburst Mirrors and Sunburst Candle Holders are decorative without being fussy. They are perfect as accent pieces and guaranteed to brighten up a wall or tabletop.

Not just for kids, the Bunny Bank is a real working bank that needs to be broken to reveal its contents.

Subtle and understated, the Square Mirrors make one think of great French post-war decorative arts. Chic by themselves and sublime in groupings.